Sunday, July 13, 2014


Dear FanDom
Congratulations! we have now grown and expanded as we have never before.
we now have more cool upgrades waiting to be added to the site, and the visitor rate have
grown exponentially over the past few months.
few months ago we had the same issue and we upgraded servers, but here we are again,  growing even more.
since we were asked, we shall explain: on our last request for financial support we received enough donations to get a plan for 3 years. since now, we once again upgraded our server to a cloud server that can handle us, the plan is now for a one year term. This is subjected to change as we keep growing, but fear not, for we have learned from our mistakes. Next time we have grown more than the server can handle, we simply upgrade the plan, but everything continue smoothly, [because that is how the cloud works] . sure, we will pay more then, but the site won't crash. YEPPY!!
you could support us, but not by donations, instead, you can help us do this amazing service provided by the new server: it is very simple, if you know someone or if you want to get a cloud server, then get the one we are having using our referral, that way we get credits, allowing us to use the server for a free period of time, making our one year plan, even longer. [MORE INFO]
okay, now to update you about what has been going on while the site was down.
we now have our own facebook and twitter page,
RoyalRoadL Facebook page
RoyalRoadL Twitter
We have come to realize that over there, it is easier to get in touch with the fandom, and for the fandom to contact us, so join us there in order to stay in touch!
We have Volume 19 chapter 4 posted..  SUPRISE!
We also have a new fiction rating and reviewing system. please take a moment of your time to go to the fiction you read and rate them by the very least, and if you can, give them a review. [you must be logged in from the forum to do so].
This however, does not substitute the comments on each chapter, but is an extra to it, just go ahead and start voting, may the best fanfic reach the top place.
P.S. The Language section is not working, but we will fix that shortly.

Developer’s comment:
1. Rating system isn’t fully implemented. The current organization take into account only Rate, Number of Votes and Total Views. That IS unfair and unbalanced, but that will be changed really soon, I’m just waiting for people to rate the stories they are reading.

2. Voting more than once means nothing.
Your vote and rating are bound to your forum account (and that’s the only way to vote), meaning we have no frauds. At least not one that doesn’t give you a lot of headache do to. Anyway, voting on the same Fiction WILL OVERRIDE YOUR OLD VOTE. Reviews work on the same way, meaning that if you want to edit or change it, you just have to write a new one.

3. Any bugs or suggestion can, and should be, made to me (Curvinho).
You can either PM me in the forums or talk to me in chat (Small black box in the bottom right corner). Just don’t be a prick and you shall be treated well … maybe.

k. now enough of our ranting, I am sure you are too excited to wait, so go read!
May we conquer the world together,

Oh, and one more thing, The official rule list of Royalroadl is out
1. Cookies are law
2. We are penguins, in our hearts and in our souls.
3. We must further the penguin ideal to conquer the world
[If you need more clarification about these things, just join us in the chat, i am sure you will understand then]

Friday, July 11, 2014

We are currently in the midst of site updates and switching of servers. We apologize for the inconvenience, the site should be up soon if all goes well.
if you want, you can either keep refreshing the page, or you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we will keep you updated about it,

RoyalRoadL Facebook page
RoyalRoadL Twitter

[Extra] LMS Fanpage

To everyone wanting to read LMS, please use this cached version in the meantime~