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Dawn Traveler Chapter 3

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The time of storm and gale

“Learning about the principles of Mana, it becomes a help when living in this world… It is said, being able to study magic becomes a big opportunity to confirm one’s potential. Because magic is not a subject just anyone can easily learn.”
“I’m not too sure about this. I’m pretty stupid so I think it would be better if I learn it after I grow up a little.”
"Hmm, from what I can see, you seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders."
“But i feel like I will only be a nuisance to you Uncle Hereseh.”
“For a small child, you sure have deep thoughts.”
“Even if it is difficult after giving it a try, you just need to try harder. Of course having a talent for magic is important, but the drive for academic achievements is just as necessary. That is why it's also called magical studies.“
After reaching the age of 5, Jess has acquired a Master.
Heresea, who had dibs on him from the beginning, had stepped forward and said that he would teach him.
Magic is difficult and if understood incorrectly, can cause serious accidents.
Jess, due to having been listening in on Heresea’s thoughts about magic before, he had trouble pretending to not to know what he was talking about.
“If you know the foundation of magic from a young age, you will also come to live knowing the pains of the rules of mana early. This will also be a great step towards rising to become an archmage in the future. Ah. Once my class is over, try to go to Nedhand too. That person said that he also had some things he would instruct you in.”
Nedhand was waiting for him at the smithy in town.
Even though it was within the city, the stability of the public peace was not to the point where a child can go alone, so Grona had to accompany him.

“To extract steel from iron ore is not easy. Still, if you have unyielding patience and endurance, it’s not difficult work either.”

“I’m not thinking of becoming a blacksmith sir.”
"It's a good way to train your strength as a warrior. As for today, let’s start from the way of holding the hammer and how to strike the iron.
Jess still had some curiosity as well.
The interest of creating something while handling iron. This small interest comparable to playing with clay in the art class, was but shattered even before 5 minutes have passed.
Hammering the iron at a steady rhythm was difficult and too physically demanding.
“My hands are really sore. Isn’t there something else I can do?”

"Was I expecting too much? Well, I guess this isn’t work for a human child who has weak bones. Then go and gather some materials.”

“When do we make a sword?”
"About 10 years, once the skin on your hands has become toughened and calloused, you can move on to the next step." He said.

“...I’d prefer it if it could happen much faster than that...”
"You fool. Even if i wanted to teach you, for someone who cannot feel the breath of iron and fire, this task would be impossible”
As expected of a dwarf craftsman, he did not teach his secrets too easily.
Anyways, Heresea’s magic lectures were things Jess’ had been listening on all this time.

As a baby with nothing else to play with, he’d been listening closely to his words and so had developed a vague understanding of magic.

When he was a baby, he could not ask Heresea about parts he did not understand. Because of that, learning magic now felt like scratching an itchy spot he couldn’t scratch before.

On the other hand, Nedhand’s form of education was ‘excessive physical activities’ something young Jess could not easily handle.

“ I am still young. What will you do if I get hurt or become sick from this?”
Although Jess tried to dispute, Nedhand just exploded in mocking laughter.

“Your mom could just fix you up.”

With divine power, healing injuries and restoring stamina was possible for Laurelle.

Dispelling pain from even broken bones and severe myalgia instantly, it was impossible to fake sickness.

‘Saying mom’s hand is medicine hand is truly a fact in this world.’ (Note: In korea, there is a saying mom’s hand is medicine hand. Mothers in korea would often rub kid’s bellyache while chanting this.)

   Since life can be lost with the slightest of mistakes in this world, education was strict here even for children.

There was no other choice but to beat the iron just like NedHand from an early age.

[“Agh, nothing is easy anywhere. I didn't realize I would be struggling in this worlds education too...”]

Back to reality, Yeon Woo laid down on the floor flatly.

He was at his happiest moment when he was rolling on the floor, eating ice-cream while doing nothing.
Though kids from elementary school sometimes gathered to play, he didn’t really have interest playing with them.
The other children were just normal 8 year olds.
Yeon Woo already had the mental age of a thirteen year old.
“I don’t want want to play with them…...”

At school, with top grades and a reserved personality, he succeeded giving out an image as a perfect student.
At home, he had an older brother and younger siblings, however they too seemed nothing but immature to him.

-The allowance Mom gave me is already gone. Should I take my younger siblings money? Nha.. they shouldn’t have much money either.. I will just take money from the kids who pass through the school backalley.’
-Need to kill ants. I’ma go roast them with the magnifying glass. I also want to catch grasshoppers, the girls at the playground will be shocked when i show it to them. kee kee keek.

[- I’ll beg mom to buy me a dress to show off at kindergarten talent competition tomorrow. I will also ask dad in a cute way so he will want to pamper me and buy me a lovely hairpin.]

“When will you guys grow up. The day may not even come before the world ends.”

[Because Yeon Woo could also read the mind of his parents, he pondered even more.]

‘Meanwhile parents are working hard and struggling to support our family!’

  • This month I am going to ask the boss to give me part of the bonus in cash. So I can get some fried pork belly and Soju with my friends.
(Soju 소주 is a type of alcohol in Korea. The rest is confusing, so I went with what was most accurate and sounded best.)

Dad often tried to spend some of the money he earned this way, however he always just ended up buying snacks for his children instead or giving them an allowance.

Mom, even though tired in the morning, always prepared breakfast for us and showed us a bright face when she returned from work.
These small efforts from the parents, the other children did not know about, Yeon woo understood them clearly.
“Aiego(something like sigh), it’s too cumbersome to play outside, relaxing on the floor is the best.”
Yeon Woo spent his holidays reading comic books and watching Television, and stayed in even when his friends called him to play outside.

Because of the excruciating studies and physical activities he does in the other world, when he came back to the real world, he spent his time resting doing nothing.

“Everything is cumbersome. For three days, I am just going to rest.”
Between friends he earned the nickname ‘turtle’, regardlessly all he wanted to do was stay still anyways.

Jess became one year older and turned 6 years old.

[In the Republic of Korea, regardless of being five or six years old, they were regarded as children and treated as such. However in the Marca- continent (dream world), things were a little different.]

It's finally the time for you to learn how to run.

“But I already know how to run very well?”

“Can you catch the wind? Don’t you want to learn how to run fast and stealthily enough that you will be undetected by the superior senses of the wild animals? If you train a bit more, in a forest you can outspeed even a bird.”  

“tha...that is possible even for me?“

[“No. It’s impossible for humans. Only Elves can run like that in the forest.]

“No, it is still possible. Humans are a race with great potential.”

[Dark Elf Grona taught him how to run.]

The way elves run is very different from the way humans run. Elves also do not breathe heavily from their mouths like humans do. Drinking the breath of the forests deeply, they run as if they are gliding on the ground.

“It will be very difficult initially. It isn't an easy thing for a human to learn how to run like an elf. Only when you can drink from the breath of the forest, you will be able to make your body light. Later on you will be even able to jump to the top of a tree in one go. Don’t you wanna be able to do that?”

“Keuheuk. I absolutely don’t want to be able to do that.”

Jess ran through the forest until it felt like his airway was blocked all the way to his chin and his heart was about explode.
In the real world he was at an age to play hide and seek in the playground, but here he was jumping and running over hills and fallen trees.

Heresea,Nedhand and Grona shared all of their wisdom and experience with Jess selfishlessly.

Jess rescuing the trapped party had become the impetus of the grave robber group education.
Marca continent is a place of many dangers and filled with opportunities of  mysterious adventures.
Vast undiscovered lands, domains of monsters, ruins of ancient civilizations, secret areas of forbidden entry by the empire.
If you wanted to travel anywhere, unless you had dozens of extra lives in stock, it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to die and rot as a skeleton in some desolate area.
That is why, to hold on to his life, there were many things left for Jess to learn.
Though things he saw, heard and experienced in the dungeons were already substantial, he had to physically learn with his body as well.

‘But you know, somehow this is still kinda fun.’
Although he found the training and the education very hard, Jess was excited for the future.
Rendall, Grona and Nedhand’s physical capabilities were all extremely impressive.
Watching their movements and abilities during combat was as amazing as watching a blockbuster movie.
Jumping off the ground then kick-jumping off walls to suppress monsters with strength and speed, they displayed great combat abilities.

Heresea’s magic prowess also had the ability to capture one’s attention, as it shined in overwhelming splendor and strength.

‘So it seems I can also have this power when I grow up a little more.’
Observing his parents and their colleagues ever since he was a baby, he couldn’t help but  wanting to be like them. It was impossible for him to be not like this.  

  • Your ability to understand magic is impressive. I don’t know if you will have the ability to feel mana but you should still be able to get a job as a mage.

  • This boy tries to take short cuts and slack off but looking at how he still finishes everything he is assigned to, he is still quite the sincere worker. Considering humans cannot catch up dwarven blacksmiths even if they were to spend their entire life, he is not bad at all.
  • Even though he cannot drink from the breath of the forest, his flexibility and physical strength are still growing nicely. He is of Rendall’s blood afterall. Though Laurelle’s blessings are probably having a bigger effect.

The teacher’s evaluation on Jess were on the generous side.
They did not expect much of Jess’s ability yet.
To use magic one needed to know how to feel the mana and rapidly reconstruct it, thus strong innate senses and a brilliant mind were required.

If you lacked the ability to feel and analyze the characteristics of Mana, you were better off giving up and becoming a wizard.
Because in the future, there was a big possibility of causing a lot of pain when trying to cast a difficult spell.
In most cases, if you are a mage lacking magical talent, you would become a low-circle magician or become a magic researcher.

Of course these lesser mages were not respected by anyone nor allowed to travel the continent freely.
Still, because the demands for magicians are high, it was easy to settle down and not starve anywhere.
Meanwhile, while experiencing war and disasters, human’s technology and ability to handle iron has grown in leaps and bounds through the years.
In particular, the magic armor born from the research of the magicians can be seen as the crown jewel of this advancement.
Magic armor, the love and pride of the Magical Studies!
A masterpiece born from the technology and magic of the human race, who were once looked down upon as inferior by other races.
Dwarves, who normally hated the elves, then also cooperated with the elves to develop their own magic armor.
Dwarves who can create anything, with the help of elves who use high level magic daily as if it was as easy as breathing, they together created magnificent awe inspiring magic armors.
These armors had much more efficiency than the magic armors made by the Grastess Empire so they were objects of anyone’s envy, however the owners of these magical armor did not come out to the outside world.
This was because only a handful of high elf knights living in the deep forest had ownership of these magic armors.
Though the magic armors created by the dwarves and elves were discovered 270 years ago, they are still boasted as having the best quality so far.
Grastess Empire continued to improve their own magic armors,  however they could not surpass the creation of the dwarves and the high elves. (Note: you guys can try to google 마장기. It is a gundam looking robot armor thing)
Orcs are the only race who couldn't create a magic armor. Even if they were to acquire one, with their unmatched simplicity, they would just end up trading it for food and alcohol.
However, living in the Great Plains, Orcs were extremely fearless.
If for example humans build a fort and try to advance into the Great Plains, the Orcs would come attacking like a flood.
Though the knights in a magical armor would be able to survive, the fort would still be destroyed, and all other soldiers would bemassacred.
Some Kingdoms, who tried to enter the Great Plains in the past, suffered from a cycle of looting and revenge throughout the following years, facing total annihilation.
While Jess read his book, his parents talked business with their colleagues.
It seems that Rendall has obtained some new information from the Grave Robber’s guild.
“The grave we will explore this time will be the buried grounds of Knight Garegosa of Earl Fred.”
Dwarf Nedhand was not impressed.
“If it’s a human knight, then there won't be much things salvage.”
Compared to commoners an Earl’s knight was certainly more richer, however there still was a large gap compared to high nobility.
“The knight Garegosa, instead of a cemetery, created his burial place by the Kelten Canyon. This was because his child died there when he was fighting monsters there. Also two years ago, House of Earl Fred collapsed after power struggles amongst other high nobility family. The Earl’s family who had accumulated a mountain of wealth from business, it all just disappeared to somewhere after their collapse.
“Is the treasure buried in the Garegosa’s grave?”
“The possibility is high. There are only a few people who still remember the existence of Garegosa’s grave. As his grave’s location is in Kelton Canyon, it is somewhere most people wouldn’t visit.”
“How about a magical armor?”
“If it was a family with a magic armor, the family probably would not have been annihilated.”
“Expensive treasures are fine too. I guess we should go get geared up and go check out the grave.”
Due to monsters rampaging regardless of nighttime or daytime, normally Kelten Canyon was not a place where a party of mere 5 people would visit.
Rendall, Laurelle, Grona, Heresea, and Nedhand then packed their belongings and headed to Kelton Canyon.
Jess followed his parents as well.
Because he was a little older now, but he had to walk instead of riding piggy back on Grona.
'I hope we find lots of treasure this time. Though my parents are quite talented in this field, so I still don’t have to worry . Even with just the treasures we have hidden in our warehouse, they can live quite abundantly.'
The treasures they have been gathering from grave hunting wasn’t just hidden under their basement either.
The treasures were also stored in hidden hideouts in the city, places people wouldn’t visit around the continent, or even in a special tomb.
Treasures from the tomb they found they could not claim right away had to be buried and hidden somewhere for a while as well.
You can think of it as some sort of retirement funds.
The burning sun reflected emerald light from the prairie during the day.
And by the night the cries of monsters and wolves were heard.
Experienced tomb robbers had the ability to grasp the general location of the grave with just a basic scenery.
Garegosa’s tomb entrance was located by the cave on the steep slope of the canyon.

Part 2

“This is it.”
“It’s quite wide. .”
As they went deeper into the tomb , more traces of monsters appeared.
For the most part, monsters dwelled in dungeons or large tombs.
Information on the monsters itself proved to be valuable for grave robbers.
Small and considerably intelligent monster, goblins were able to use tools and occasionally used goods they had found.
If gold coins were discovered on a goblin’s body, it was a good sign that there might be treasures near by.
Rendall obtained this fact from the backalley information guild and invested in nearby areas. Then he was able to find the general location of  Garegosa’s grave.
It had to be a place that couldn’t be found by people easily, as well as an area large enough for a group of goblins who normally reside in caves.
Of course the investigation was difficult with only this amount of information but by observing the nearby terrain the possible locations can be narrowed.
The goblin retaliated while screaming their lungs out but for experienced grave robbers, they weren’t much of a threat.
Rendall, who was wearing a light leather armor, unsheathed his sword and stepped forward. Nedhand, dual wielding short axes, covered his back.
Goblins were no match for even against just two of them, but with the help of Heresea’s magic and Grona’s arrows, it was only a matter of time.
Rendall slayed the goblins mercilessly.
Goblins, due to their cowardly nature, had the tendency of running away when they were scared.
If a goblin carrying treasure would managed to escape, he may attract even more dangerous existences.
There are only 14 of them. (Translator note: he refers Goblins as 14마리, where 마리 is a suffix you add when you are counting animals.)
Nedhand was disappointed not getting the chance to use his axes properly.
Caves were a seldom life threatening place.
Wizards usually put up complex traps to protect their research, and insecurely put up extra magic traps for good measure.

When the magic traps are still active, a magician’s tomb were very difficult to grave rob and many problems needed to be overcome.
However the reward that came after the completion was substantial.
This was because even though most magicians had disciples, they chose to store all their research and treasure in the lab as well as using it as their final resting place.
Research records, magic items and materials could be easily found there.
So compared to a magicians tomb, finding treasure at a knight’s tomb were often done by just digging little around the area. Also treasures were also usually limited to their sword, armor, and maybe a little amount of antiques.
That being said, ordinary knight Garegosa’s tomb was placed in a simple cave, there would be no dangerous monsters or goblins, even traps would be unlikely.[Ntbc]
“Considering the Goblin’s breeding ability, it seems they haven’t lived here for very long.”
After looking around Heresea started to speak.
“In a spacious place like this, with 2 years alone, they would have multiplied in the hundreds already.”
“There are some few gems and it seems there are about 634 gold pieces.”
“If it’s only this much, it is too small to be the Earl’s entire fortune. There might still be a hidden area, I am going to search around a little more.”
The dwarf Nedhand began to search around.
He began to survey the ground and the walls spotlessly. Dwarves tend to be careless when drinking beer, but they were perfectionists when it came to any tasks at hand.
Then he stopped in front of a blockage.
“This place seems suspicious. No other place seems to have a secret area.”
“Maybe the cave collapsed here before?”
“It has been a long time since Garegosa was buried. Looking at the dirt, this rubble seems to be quite recent. It’s possible Goblins did this but it is possible the Earl’s Family collapsed this part to hide their treasure.
“Will the cave continue to collapse?”
Nedhand studied the wall and the ceiling thoroughly.
“I don’t think so. The ceiling seems to be crumbling here, but if we dig a little to the side, we may be able to make an entrance.”
Nedhand pulled out two pickaxes from his backpack, and gave one to Rendall. Then they begin to dig.
As you grave rob, you will gather various skills but digging can be seen as the very basic skill of grave robbing.
They have already prepare a lot of food before, so they don’t have to get back to town, not to mention people didn’t usually come to the Canyon.
Grona was looking out the cave entrance, looking for any monsters or humans that may be approaching.  
She also summoned earth spirits to reinforce the cave’s ceiling so it wouldn’t collapse.
And, 4 days later!
“The Earl’s treasure!”
Beside Garegosa’s coffin, they found Fred Earl’s hidden treasure.
There were gold coins and jewelry, as well as valuable artwork and antiques.
There were a significant amount of Vientin kingdom’s antique, however due to the collapsing ceiling, at least half of them were damaged or shattered.
Heresea clicked his tongue.
“It is quite regretful. If he had used a mage he would have been to take care of things carefully. Though understandably, only loyal knights wouldn’t have stolen anything.”
Grona spoke after she counted the treasure.
“Looking at the gold coins alone it’s more than 1,000 gold. While the jewelry can be sold at the black market for at least 3,000 gold.”
Heresea was dissatisfied not being able to contribute much to this trip. Other than time spent teaching Jess magic, it was nothing but boring.
“We worked hard so atleast this amount of treasure was needed to match our suffering. Though the treasure is still less than expected for it to be the Earl’s entire fortune.” [Ntbc]
Rendall agreed on that point as well.
He thought the fortune of an active Earl would surmount to at least 20,000 to 30,000 gold.
“Either he hid his wealth elsewhere, or his family was not as wealthy as others thought.”
“Either way, let’s get going.”
The experienced grave robber party,  once again after a successful harvest, decided to back to Terace.
But, as soon as they get closer to the city, they saw a scene of soldiers moving in groups. The sight of people not coming out of the city also seemed suspicious.
“Something must have happened. Grona, let’s go find out together.”
After getting a room at a hotel, Rendall and Grona collected information at the tavern before returning.
“They are saying a civil war has broken out. After the current emperor collapsed, immense war between the army of the king candidate and the prince broke out and currently progressing. ”
It has been a while since the cities of the Gratess Empire were invaded by other surrounding countries.
However, the scary thing about this situation was, a war could have broken out between any lords of these cities.

Heresea sighed.
“I knew this time would eventually come. There was already a tension between the king candidate and the third prince, this will be quite a long civil war. Many cities will be devastated.”
“There is also a rumour that the fourth prince is trying to bring in another kingdom’s army.”
“From our standpoint, this war will create many noble graves for us to dig later. Wait a minute, that means it would be dangerous for us to travel to Terace right now.”

With the civil war going on, it was a safer to stay quietly at a city far away from the capital.
With rule and order gone, there was a chance of being attacked by the Imperial Army on the plains.
Laurelle shared her opinion.

“Like the past the civil war may not end in the matter of 1 or 2 years, so how does hiding out at the elve’s forest sound?”

There was a forest elves lived in within the Gratess empire.

With the force of the Elves being too fearsome, this was a place where the empire’s rules and order did not apply, making it a safe place away from the war.

Laurelle had healed elves and had become their friends before, so it had become a place where she could visit anytime.

“That is a great idea. We only have to cross only about three mountains from here so we don’t have to worry about encountering the army . “

“Let’s go to the forest of the elves”

The elf forest had just replaced the city Terace as his new home.


Dawn Traveler - Chapter 2

Translated by Snowangel12
Revised by BlackHorus
Proofread by 1stSlug

CH. 2: Life of Two Minds
(Part 1)

Yeon Woo returned to his reality.

After living as an infant, drinking breast milk and sleeping for a few days, he once more found himself awake in his bed.

“Hurry up and eat your breakfast. You need to go to kindergarten.” his mother called out to him.

“Yes, Mother!” Yeon Woo called back.

Yeon Woo could knew that he had come back to the mundane reality upon hearing the word “kindergarten”.


At the table, his older brother and younger sister were already sitting there as well. His older brother, who was a first grader in an elementary school now, finished his meal first and headed out first.

It’s would be easy to think that the eldest son is something special, but truthfully, there’s isn’t much of a difference between us. All he did was to go to school, eat, play, and drool while he fell asleep during break.

‘I wasn’t feeling well, was that why I had a strange dream?’

‘Will my mom not even bring me some sort of restorative herb to help me?’

‘And to think that I am younger than the rest of these kids who aren’t even toilet trained...’

‘It was a shock to learn that couldn’t even raise my head because my head was too heavy.’


While thinking back on my dream, I helped my younger siblings finish eating their breakfast. I of course, made sure that the parents were watching.

“Our Yeon Woo is so kind.”

“Honey. Why don’t you give him some pocket money so he can buy himself a hotdog or something?”

“Yeon Woo, would you like some pocket money?”


When reading the minds of my parents, they would usually end up thinking along  the same.

  • ‘I don’t need anything. Just grow up healthy and strong.’

  • ‘My son, my lovely son.’

Yeon Woo felt guilty peeping into their pure and loving hearts.

Since the minds of his parents were pretty much the same, he could pocket some easy money by doing something praise-worthy.

Yeon Woo didn’t have to be worried sick for a long time.

‘Life is the same everywhere...’

At the early age of six years old he already understood his reality.

Still, you cannot think too easily about the parents. As they won’t always view me as innocent like this forever.

Especially if they start to hear words about someone else’s family, things will become more dangerous.

“Your children seem so smart, looks like they will do well with their studies.”

“He looks smart… When did he start learning English?”

Eventually, my parents will start thinking things like:

  • ‘Is our kid a genius? We should give him early education if he is...’

  • ‘Having him start learning English earlier even by a year will help him, right?’

  • ‘To get him to go to a good college, he needs to attend several prep schools while still in elementary school.’

Yeon Woo sighed deeply.

“Sometimes its better not to know.”

“Huh?” His little sister asked.

“Nothing. You don’t need to know.”

“Mom. Dad. I’m going to kindergarten now.”

Yeon Woo had deliberately called out his mother first.

This was because he knew that snacks and allowances mostly came from his mother.

As for the time he spent while he was at kindergarten, time flew by as he, well, caused a bit of trouble, played doctor, played with toys, and sled down a slide with his friends.

‘Today has also been a plain day. When will I finally become an adult?’

At that moment Lee Hee-Jin came over smiling broadly.

“Yeon Woo, ummmm. Can I come over to your house to play, when my parents come over next? I’ll bring lots of chocolate!”

Her hair was braided neatly and she spoke so sweetly, so this kind of asking would’ve worked on any average children.

However, Yeon Woo strongly refused.

“No. Its too early for that right now between us.”

“Huh?” she asked.

As he read others thought and memories, he saw too many sides of society.

‘I need to grow up quickly and drink lots of beer… Smoking is bad, so I shouldn’t even start it. I’ll be able to meet lots of pretty girls when I go to nightclubs at night. As a man, I should have some gusto!’

A man living in apartment 1103, sometimes had some interesting inner thoughts.

‘A hero having several girlfriends is not a flaw. Although I am having an affair,  I am also in love…. Humans need to live life with love.’

Maybe not as much as that man, but he shouldn’t live chained to only one girl at the age of 6!

After coming back from preschool, he ate dinner and went to bed early.

‘Will I dream again tonight? It’s fun because it’s not as mundane as my current reality is, but...’

After dreaming of being reborn in a different world, he always felt as if he was being dragged somewhere else by destiny.


Once more in the other world, Yeon Woo left the count’s tomb, which they thought was a dungeon, while being piggy-backed on Grona’s back.

The parents and their companies safely returned home with hordes of treasures.

Like most babies, he couldn’t assist and had nothing to do. All Yeon Woo could do, was blink, eat, and sleep.

He wanted to go play outside, however his place was the bed nearest to the fireplace.


Yeon Woo’s mouth stretched open to release a big yawn.

‘Even in this world, a baby’s life is so boring. It’s not really something you’d want to go through again. Fortunately at least, there is a lot to see inside the house.’

Father Rendall has a very well developed body. It was a well defined and muscular body that both men and women admired.

As he beat down the monsters, he presented a thrilling scene with his swordship that was well balanced in both power and speed.

Mother Laurell had a very slim figure, To be honest, it was quite an unbelievable figure to have for a woman who had only just given birth to me not long ago.

Laurell whispered tenderly to him while he was in his bed.

“My baby. You’ve had a difficult time right? Now that we’re home you can take a nice long break and relax.”

“Mother is so happy that I can hold you now...” she finished while lovely caressing his face.

Well, that was what Yeon Woo was guessing that was what she had said.

He wasn’t reading her mind as he didn’t like to read other people's minds too often, this was mainly because he got tired very quickly if he did.

When he ate, he got sleepy. When he woke up, he got hungry.

As such, he spent most of his time sleeping and identifying the atmosphere around the house.

‘First, I need to learn to talk...’

Time continued to fly by when all he did was eating and sleeping.

As three months passed on by, he slowly began to understand a few fragments of the words which were often spoken around him.

But most of the words spoken by the Wizard Heresea, were impossible for him to understand.

He often spoke to himself using words that no one else used.

“The opposite characteristic of Mana… Overcoming opposing force… Using forced combination… Forming a whirlwind… Bonding in constraint… In order to pursue greater magic that are certain uncertainties.”

Sometimes, Heresea would go down to the basement after muttering to himself while he reads a book by the fireplace and not come back for a while.

Yeon Woo kept his eyes and ears open and tried to learn the language through him.

A baby learning the magic language… Any sort of parents would hold their arms wide open in joy and welcome this kind of early education!

‘Uwaaa~ This is hard. Very hard.’

Yeon Woo licked his lips in concentration.

‘What kind of a language is this to be so long and have so many various combinations of words? Its meaning is completely different from what I learned one month ago too.’

Unfortunately, he wasn’t properly learning how to use magic, he was just learning the meanings of the words that were being used.

Sometimes, when Heresea would hold him, he would get to look into his mind and watch spectacular scenes of him battling with magic unfold before him.

  • ‘You can drastically reduce casting speed by dealing with three types of mana simultaneously...’

‘Is this the power that he used when he fought the monsters?’

As he looked at Heresea he became more and more curious of the unknown.

Rendall mainly used physical ability, but Heresea used magic.

He felt a deep inner explosive flow. He could see a mysterious aura flowing outside when magic was used.

‘So that’s what you call mana? While I do want to learn how to use magic too, but…’

Compared to the complex magic, spirit magic was much more simple.

When Dark Elf Grona calls upon her friendly spirits, they would appear, clean up the house, and keep the fire burning at a perfect temperature.

‘Its like giving errands to his brothers.’

However, unless he was an elf, he would have to be born with a good innate ability with spirits.


In Yeon Woo’s dream, nine months had already passed.

It wasn’t like he went there every other day, so he also matured in reality.

Curiously though, not a lot of time flew by in the real world no matter how much time he spent in his dream world.

‘This is nice.’

Yeon Woo was still a little troubled trying to understand the new language of his dream world self.

Besides eating and sleeping, he would listen to people’s conversations.

It’ll be a bit unsuitable to call it a “superior language learning ability” and standing out too much could be dangerous, and danger laid everywhere.

Since he may not even know the reason in his dying moment, he tried his best learning the language.

On the other hand, since he was a baby, he tried not to show others that he could understand their conversations. Of course, with the ability to read other peoples minds, he was proficient in it.

“Do you the remember map we used last time? I was looking at the terrain; don’t you think there will be a couple of huge tombs on this side of the valley? The sunlight comes through, and the water has all dried up, so it no longer flows.”

“Hopefully there is a high-ranking nobles tomb. There’s not nearly enough gold in a mediocre riches’ tomb.”

“Since it was a land of the Lewis Kingdom, I’m sure hope we can find a royal tomb and scrape in a lot.”

Yeon Woo was also thinking about his future in this world.

‘I don’t need to go to school...’

‘Perhaps, continuing the family business is popular in this world?’

Tomb raider was considered to be highly-profitable job in this world.

They don’t need to pay taxes, and it was through one’s own ability that you’re rewarded.

Since being born into this world, Yeon Woo has already gone on nine tomb explorations while riding on Grona’s back,.

He was Rendall and Laurel only child, as they haven’t had any other children as of yet

They said that it was dangerous to leave the child behind because of low public order.

They didn’t always get treasures, so they would barge into a den of monsters and fight with their all just so they didn’t come back empty-handed.

Unfortunately, even if they sold monsters’ parts or their swords and armors, they wouldn’t gain much because those things lack value due to their low quality.

Sometimes, they would be faced with danger numerous times while exploring tombs.

Fighting monsters with swords and arrows all too often happened, and every now and then, a colossal boulder would roll down in attempt to kill them all.

There were even times when hot molten metal was poured at the front of their feet.

Finding skeletons of former tomb raiders who had entered the tomb before them was as easy as finding a burger shop on the streets of the real world.



Whenever Yeon Woo went inside the tomb he would scream heartily.

However, entering a tomb is an especially horrifying experience you wouldn’t get at any other place. It’s like entering a ghost house, only worse.

The larger the tombs were, the more traps, monsters, and strange creatures there were.

Knives, arrows and axes flew around like toys being thrown in a storm.

“I think the baby is a bit terrified.”

“No way… He won’t know about a thing since he’s still too young.”

“Lets cover his eyes just in case...”

Unfortunately, things were far more terrifying when his eyes were covered with cloth linen.

*Saka Saka*


He definitely heard some kind of sound...

He shrunk in on himself, just like you expect someone to do while watching a horror movie.

All he could smell was the sickening smell rotting corpse and other things best left not described.

As the hours dragged on, even the sound of water a droplet dropping from a high place made him scared and flinch.

Yeon Woo felt his gut dropping when he heard an arrow go whizzing on by from somewhere.

It seems that the human imagination sometimes created it’s own great horror show.


“Uh-oh, that sounded like some kind of trap went off…..ahk! The ceiling is collapsing!”

“Run, Grona, RUN!!”

“Okay. I’ll go on ahead and scout out to see if this is connected to the next trap.”

The Dark Elf, Grona, zigzagged through the collapsing rocks while carrying Yeon Woo on his back.


What absurd speed and extreme nimbleness!

Vibration and ringing sound of when the rocks come crashing down to the ground.

Yeon Woo experienced with his whole body how not being able to see can be more scary.

‘If I don’t think about it, I should be okay.. Thinking about it only makes it more terrifying, so let’s not even imagine it. Right now, I’m at home, playing with toys. It’s noisy around me, but nothing is happening...’


“The ground is splitting apart! Be careful!”

“Poison stingers on the floor too!”


Grona was suddenly falling to the ground, but had narrowly escaped by stepping on the rock chunks that were falling.

Then he consecutively dodged flying spears by nimbly jumping away from them. Thankfully, Dark Elves have a unique vision and sleek body movement.

Even though Grona perfectly landed, he could feel warm water trickling down his back, which he could not dodge even with his amazing reflection.

“Oh my god. The baby must have peed himself...”

“ewwwanng ewaaang!”

Yeon Woo felt embarrassed and, after a long pause, pretended to cry.


(Part 2)

Yeon Woo had finally turned two years old in the dream world.

Over time, he had slowly became able to control how to come and go in ‘reality’ and this ‘dream’ world.

He’d learned of the method by coming and going several times over the course of the two years, this was mostly because he couldn’t move his body freely when he was an infant.

Unless his mental or physical fatigue wasn’t too severe, he now wouldn’t be forced back over to the other ‘reality’.

However, even if he became very tired, he could stay in the dream world by resting up via a form of meditation.

‘No matter what, I’ll stay here like this right now.’

Pretty much, If he wanted to stay in the ‘dream’ world he needed a strong will to do so.

On the other hand, if he wanted go to the ‘real’ world, he just had to go to sleep while thinking that.

With this, he was able to come and go somewhat freely, imagining that he has body on the both sides.

He was staying in the ‘dream’ world purely out of interest.

When Randall and Laurell went out to do the family business, they put him on Grona’s back; even though it scared him he could experience as an adventure and it was by far more fun.

Whereas, in the ‘real’ world, he would come back from kindergarten, do my homework, and then go to sleep in the other world.

The most fun i’ve experienced in the real world would be when I was watching an anime on TV without crossing my parents or my siblings.

He’ll be attending school for another 10 years. Even if he is somewhat enjoying his school life, the life in the ‘real’ world wasn’t that special or overly exciting.

Compared to the ‘dream’ world where life and death could be decided in a split second, the ‘real’ world was much more boring.

‘There’s no good anime to watch after Egg-seller Pucca finished...’

Although life-and-death situation happened often, fear and horror was for a moment, replaced with more vitality in his daily life.

Finally, he could toddle around and freely touch things while in a damp dungeon .

He could even pick up poisonous centipedes when Randell and Laurell weren’t looking and throw them far away.

As he spent more time in the dream world, his mental age got older as well.

Unfortunately, what could be considered a side effect was that he lost interest in playing with his kindergarten friends more and more.

Growing boys often get into arguments over something petty, and even when something “major” happened, it was usually only on the level of nosebleed.

“Haaa,” he sighed. “At least cut off an arm, leg or snap the spine in half. This is boring...”

As they explored tombs, his courage continued to grow more and more as he became more used to them.

In fact, he had gotten so used to a monster throwing a gigantic rock at them, it was now like eating meal at the table.

The only way he could chase away the drowsiness after a ‘meal’ would be something like having a humongous axe come crazily flying through the air and brush by his neck.


‘Ahhhh, I ate well. Finally I feel like I can digest.’

He realized that moments of crisis never really came up with Randall, Laurell, and Grona’s, this was probably thanks to their advanced adventurer skills.

However, Yeon Woo also realized how easy it was for people died here.

In this world there was no such thing as vaccinations.

One can die from a disease, and have one’s family or friends killed by monsters.

People would grieve sincerely, but they would stand up once again and live on with hope in their hearts.

It can be viewed as having an active and positive attitude toward life, but it also meant that people were used to seeing and accepting death.

Laurell held onto Yeon Woo and talk to him, “My child, should we go to the market?”

Yeon Woo had already fully come to understand the language of this world by this point.

But his understanding of Herasea’s complex magic language was still far from perfect. Even though he hadn’t yet heard of the high-class language of the nobles, it was not a problem in everyday conversation.


Yeon Woo raised both hands and smiled as if he thought anywhere was fine with him.

He was pretending to not understand language perfectly.

Laurell, tricked by this weasly little baby, smiled widely at him.

“Good Jess. You’re going to continue being a good boy and become a great person, aren’t you?”

Held in Laurell’s arms, Yeon Woo headed to the market.

Since it was dangerous with all the horses and carriages speeding by, he was usually held in his mother’s arms when he was brought outside.

In this world he was called Jess.

He was named after a legendary adventurer, Jess Ballanda.

According to Father Randall, there was a rumor, passed down in secret amongst his line of work, that Jess Ballanda was actually a tomb raider.

Showing off treasures gotten from digging a tomb makes one a adventurer; Selling them in secret made you a tomb raider.

‘Anyways there are a lot of interesting things around here.’

After arriving at the market with his mother, he was busy looking around.

There were lots of items being bought and sold at the market, including magical items, and stall traders called out to passing shoppers.

“Ukihil, would you like an apple?”

“Various kinds of mushrooms. They tastes great when made into a soup~!”

He saw many short, green-skinned merchants. They were from the Prikae clan of Marca continent merchants.

Exceptional at controlling wild mustang and have an exceptional endurance level, they don’t even get tired even after walking all day.

They had an extremely sensitive sense of smell with which gave them the ability to detect monsters at a distance. This made them choose to be merchants rather than taking on other jobs in the city.

“Oh. Were there such pretty earrings?”

It seems you have good eyes for madam! These earrings were made by the dwarves that came from over from Kederun Mt. and are considered rare items indeed!”


“I’ve been doing business around these parts for almost ten years now. Trust me and look around.”

Laurell showed interest in the jewelry.

Jess read his mind.

  • Kehehe. I’ve got her! Sure, these were made by a dwarf, however, it was something they threw away and I picked up. Its so easy to fool humans.

Even though Jess knew this trader was lying, he didn’t give Laurell a warning.

We’re talking about a woman's desire for jewelries here after all...

It’s more important to get what they want if they think that it will look nice on them. Besides, If she didn’t get what she wanted, she’ll just sulk.

Just like when Yeon Woo did not get his toy robot in the real world!

‘In life, you need to get what you want. Even if it ends up being useless...”

Even though all through the year he gathered information from both worlds, it hasn’t amount to a lot, although his ability to read minds made him empathize easily with others.

Laurell bought the trinket, meat and vegetables, and bought some fruits that the Elves cultivated.

His family’s business was doing financially well at the moment, so the chances of having momentary problems were low...

Not to mention that their secret basement storage, with magic protection was full of shiny gold coins!

It is incomparable to landlords who collect taxes or high nobles who own vast farm, but they were pretty successive bunches amongst the commoners.]

‘There is a strict caste system here in this world. Even though they have excellent skills, it is hard to receive recognition for them. On the other hand if you have a talent to be a grave robber, you get different treatment. You would not have a recession either. Just how many Kings/Queens and other nobles die each every year and are buried all over the entire continent?’

The grave robbing business wasn’t affected by suchs things like natural disasters such as droughts and floods.

More often than not, instead of destroying the business, a flood will often show a new entrance to a long forgotten tomb.

However it is extremely dangerous and of course you can die to monsters in horrific ways, not to mention that if you’re ever discovered you will be pursued by soldiers!

While Jess was sucking on the sweet fruit that Laurell bought him, they continued around the market.

There was always a lot to see when just stepping out of the house.

Merchants and residents looked to the east.

“The Tyrant Isla will hunt again today.”

“Tch, tch. One never knows which animal will get caught this time……”

“We need to be careful not to get eaten as well.”

Far beyond the castle walls, there were large black dots flying in the sky.

They were: Wyverns, the lords of the sky!

It was nearly impossible to hunt the flying Wyvern unless you were one of the few high-ranking magicians in the Kingdom, or a spirit master.

Wyverns were well known to have almost impenetrably hard skin, were extremely fast, and very ferocious in nature.

Thank goodness that they never really attacked the city thanks to fields and plains filled with more than enough easy pray for them to chew on.

Jess watched the Wyverns from the safety of Laurell’s arms.

‘It looks really ferocious and scary. If I could ride those how great would it be?’

For a split second Yeon Woo and the Wyvern met eye to eye.

Even though it was a long distance from him, the Wyvern had excellent eyesight and it could see without a problem.

‘I wonder what it’s thinking of when looking at me.’

Jess’s read the Wyvern’s thoughts out of curiosity.

  • ‘What a plump and delicious looking young human...’

He should’ve stopped reading its mind here. But, thanks to his continuing curiosity was the fault.]

  • ‘I just want to put him all in my mouth and eat him, yum yum…’

In this world, Jess was the perfect size of a snack for monsters.


In the real world Yeon Woo had just turned 7 years old.

There was a big difference between being a 6 year old and a 7 year old.

He’ll be attending the kindergarten for just one more year, and he’ll begin for real starting with the elementary school.

Unfortunately, Yeon Woo had read a few elementary school students in grades 5 or so, and they often complained about missing kindergarten. The sin is to know.

  • ‘Good times. Mom probably don’t even nag you to study either.’

  • ‘Ah. I once was like that too.’

There was great difference between mindlessly playing in the kindergarten and formally attending a school.

When you become a senior in an elementary school, you’ll be stressed from all of the pressure of trying to get into a good middle school, and it will only get worse the older you become, next you will get stressed while waiting to hear about future admissions and eventually getting a job.

Growing from a  child to an adult, aging was obviously not a welcomed process!

“Still, I need to try and enjoy the moment. Afterall, time gone by will not come back!”

Yeon Woo had decided to spend his life of 7 year old with mature mindset.

In the ‘dream’ world, he still had lots to see, but he couldn’t do much with due to his restricted ability to move as a baby; However, in this world where he can move around freely, he had lots to do now.

“How should I play to not regret playing?” he wondered aloud.

Over time, as he picked up many words, he used a lot of unchildish words.

Because he had read various thoughts of adults, he didn’t have a restricted point-of-view, and had many different perspectives when looking at things.

Sometimes Wizard Herese told him philosophical stories, and his words were right the more he thought of.

The mental age of Yeon Woo, who has accumulated a total of 9 years, thanks to both his real life and his dream life. Plus, his life experience was also special.

There was quite a difference in the way of thinking compared to the other kindergarteners.

He could outwit the other kindergarteners and easily convince them to play the way he wanted.

“Yeon Woo, let’s stack a tower.”

“I don’t want to…… You’re better at it than I am.”

“Still, can’t we play stack the tower together? I wanted to befriend you and so I came over intentionally.”

“It’s obvious that I’ll lose, but if I do stack the tower first, will you give me your toy robot?”


A moment after.


Yeon Woo’s tower was taller than the other’s tower.

Poor gullible kindergarteners!

Even at the house, his 2 years old older brother did not look that mature to him.

‘I am finally at the same age.’

The more time he spent in the other world, the more the differences grew.

It was because Yeon Woo was experiencing twice of what others usually do.

Yeon Woo had to look after his younger brother, who still has a runny nose, and his cute little sister, who tries to give him her candy first whenever she gets a delicious candy, with great responsibility.

“Yeon Tae Jin. Yeon Yurl. What are your future dreams?”

Because he thought a lot, his pronunciation had gotten better as he attended kindergarten.

“A scientist!”

“I want to be….an language teacher.”

“Wow, those are greats dreams! Tell you what, I’ll help you with your dreams, so believe in me and do what I tell you.”

“Yes, Hyung-nim.”


Even though later they won’t remember, Yeon Woo decided to at least look after his siblings. Wouldn’t it be what a family does.

“Brother, do you want some candy?”

“My teeth will rot so I decided to quit candying. Do you have any chocolate?”

“I have a chocolate that I received from a guy!”

“A girl receiving chocolate like that is not a good thing. Its all a debt. Debt.”

“Next time I won’t receive any.“

“Hmm. Next time, receive them and then bring them to me.”



Yeon Woo and Jess.

During the time he travelled between the two worlds, Jess had turned 3 years old.

There is a saying as time passes, everyday he rolled around, at home he played with fire at the fireplace.

When he became 3 years old, it was time for him to slowly began to speak and learn the language.

Even if the pronunciation was stuttered, Yeon Woo perfectly understood the language.

(P/R: Keep in mind that he has difficulty pronouncing the words, so you’ll notice some mangling)

“So monjudas adacted today too!”

The City Teresi, was where Jess currently lived with his parents. It was a big city, with thick high walls.

At night sometimes hordes of monsters come flocking to the city and a battle begins with the soldiers.

During those exciting times, Jess would try and watch those battles from his partially closed window.

This was possible thanks to the house being located right on a high hill near the wall, so he was able to watch the battle like watching a night scenery.

Watching fire arrows pouring down from the night sky toward the hordes of monsters below sure was a spectacular scene to behold.

‘There are a lot of monsters today, is it because it harvest season?’

He thought the battle would be ending soon like usual in a moment,

Usually, the stupid monsters retreated, as they unable to get through to the archers on the wall and continued getting slaughter on the ground below.

Of course, if the defenders are defeated and the monsters get past them, the monsters would plunder and destroy the city, but that never really happened.

This was thanks to the armies that periodically went around exterminating large groups of monsters within the kingdom territories, not to mention the thick walls surround the city.

Unfortunately for the villages outside the city, the monster’s were extremely fast breeders as their fertility was quite high, so living in the rural village was quite harsh.

‘There quite a lot. They’re not withdrawing either….’

Firing the fire arrow, the area got lighter.

Jess wasn’t the only child watching, as other children sat near their windows as well.

In this world, the childrens’ dreams are usually to be a knight, a mercenary, or a magician.

Unless one was a nobleman, having power was the only way to live a better life.

Due to low public order outside the city walls, one has to, know how to protect oneself to leave the city once one was born to be able to travel to a different place.

‘These monsters are endlessly coming through. If there are this many monsters it usually means there’s a reason why...’

Territory wars often occur between monsters as well.

It is rumored to be said that the clans had their hunting ground and habitat taken away by another strong group, which would often lead to the exiled group to assault the city where humans lived.

Even when the fire arrow continuously fell, a lot of monsters continuously flocked towards the wall.

‘Wow there are a lot...’’

Jess could not see well because it was dark, but there seemed to be more than ten thousands of them with his rough estimation.

The monsters tried to scale over the wall with their sticky hand and feet.

Most of them rarely tried climbing up, this was probably because the archers would shoot arrows at them, and even if they did come up, they were quickly dispatched by the swordsmen waiting for such an attempt.

However, the monsters just kept on gathering from the forest far away.

‘The fight’s going to last all night. Hmm... They look different from the monsters I saw in the dungeons. They look weaker, but there are lots of them.’

Suddenly, there was a large vibration in the ground that began.




‘What was that sound?’

The walls were quite a bit distant away. Even though it was dark, the fire arrows that were stuck in the ground all played a role in the lighting.

Something unknown came into Jess’s sight.

It was taller than the walls.

It was a monster that had its whole body made of steel.

“It’s… It’s a robot!”

Jess, who was by the window, had his mouth fall open.

The steel monster was massacring the monsters as it moved through them.

With just one swing of it’s giant sword, it killed hundreds of monsters.


Even with its huge body, it didn’t look like it had trouble moving. It even ran around.

The sword the steel monster was wielding flared up; it now resembled what happened to Randall when Laurell enchanted his sword.

Heresea came and joined him by the window.

“That my boy, is a magic machine.”

“Magic muhsin?”

“Looks like it’s Krueh. They must’ve summoned it in order to reduce consumption of arrows and sacrifice of soldiers from the continuous stream of the monsters in this attack.”

Heresea continued to tell him about the Magic Machine.

The magic machine that appeared right now is Krueh class!

He said it’s a weapon that was created about 350 years ago by humans of the absolutely powerful nation called the ‘Gratess Empire’ with magical power.

A person embarked to harness the power of mana. Usually, not even a hundreds of knights gathered will be enough to bring down the magic machine.

“Do you want to take a closer look?”


You might not know because you’re still young, but magic has many other uses other than just using it to fight. For example, to observe something far away, Eagle Eye is the best.”

Heresea uttered a magic incantation for him.

It was the incantation Jess knew well too, “The Eyes of an Eagle”.

It was considered a basic form of magic, but nevertheless, it was a very useful for noticing the approach of monsters, bandits, or soldiers on an open field.

Manipulating mana, Hersea casted The Eyes of an Eagle on his and Jess’s eyes. Then, he could clearly see the magic machine far away.

He could even see the symbol of Grastess continent’s of two entwined dragons on the back of Majangi.

(P/R: Majangi is another name for ‘Magic Machine’)

The monsters shot arrows and swung their swords against it in resistance, but it seemed futile as none of their attacks had any effect.

When the magic machine moved, the monsters around it panicked and tried to flee only to met their death anyway.

“As expected, normal monsters trying to deal with a magic machine is impossible.”

Heresea also explained that huge wars occurred due to Gratess Empire trying to conquer the whole continuent using these magic machine.

The city Teresi where Jess was living was part of the eastern region of Grastess empire.

The reason why his parents robbed the tombs around this region was also because of an expectation of maybe getting their hands on a magic machine.

It’s estimated that Gratess Empire currently possesses about 1,400 magic machine, but a more accurate number cannot be known due to it being a military secret.

Magic machines were often lost due to various reasons like power struggles between nobles, who were often known to conspire, bribe, and go to war with each other. It would then be taken away or destroyed in case of a war.

When an Emperor, who was the center of power dies, his own magic machines would sometimes be buried with him.

Presently, when a lot of time had passed since the development of the original magic machines, other Kingdoms try any method in order to obtain a magic machine and disassemble it in order to make something similar to it.

However, no magic machine made by the other Kingdoms of humans could catch up to the performance and efficiency of the original Gratess Empire’s magic machine.

Jess just kept on looking at the magic machine with his mouth hanging open.

‘I want it.!

Heresea was also thinking of the same thing.

  • ’I want it. I want it. I want it!’

Part 3

Time continued to fly on by, and Yeon Woo eventually turned 8 years old. He didn’t do much at the kindergarten that located was near his house, but he had already became old enough to slip on his backpack and go to an elementary school by himself.

“Listen well to your teacher. If anything happens, come and tell Mommy. When other kids bully you don’t put up with it, but tell your teacher or mom, ok?”

“Yes. Mom.”

Yeon Woo answered obediently before leaving the house. He didn't expect much trouble as an elementary school student.

‘To attend school with these little kids with their runny noses.... I want to quickly grow up.’

Combining with the time spent in the another world, he has already lived for about a 11 years.

Even if one was an elementary kid, they’re not still a spoiled child at most. If one was to compare to the dungeon exploration, going to a new school was nothing exciting compared to the dungeon exploration.

Alternating between two worlds meant that he’ll be living twice the usual life, and would build up an extensive amount of life experience.

“There shouldn’t be any incidents where elementary school kids fight to the bitter end or like chopping off each others head or using magic to burn people like in Markka continent.”

Yeon Woo was a new-coming elementary school student who has already experienced and gone through all sorts of hardships.

As he had expected, nothing major happened while he was at the elementary school.

He went through an ordinary entrance ceremony, met up with friends, who were like innocent sheep, and who were much more docile compared to ones back in Marca continent.

He didn’t think much about studying well, but in the end, he wasn’t bad at it either. To date, he belonged in the mid to upper ranking students.

Technically, he was actually ‘older’ than his other classmates. Plus, he far more of a diverse life experience, so it was easy for him to follow elementary class.

‘This much is perfect for asking mom for more allowance. I shouldn’t do better than my older brother or younger siblings. I have long time ahead for studying...’

He kept a steady 10th place in class .

If he wanted to, he could’ve read the thoughts of another to cheat and never get caught, but he didn’t feel the need to abuse it that way.

“Yeon Woo! Let’s go play!”


While there were some girls who would be friendly toward him…

“This is as far as you go. If you cross over then its all going to be mine.”

There would be a seat buddy who would act all cheesy toward him.

Elementary school students all played together and sometimes a fight would occur. But if Yeon Woo had a ‘friend’ that tried to provoke him, he would simply dust himself off and walk away.

What is there to gain if you fight with a kid even if you felt that some things were unfair about?

“Its not like I’ll skin the head and pickle it with salt. The point is I should be patient.”

‘The grown up me should just overlook something little like this.’

“Well, I’ll watch over it for a little bit longer and if he continues to get on my nerves, I’ll just pick a few of his ribs and break them without killing him.”

  • ‘Yeon Woo is such a good boy.’

  • ‘Even though he is still a kid, he already cares deeply for other students.’

His classmates and teachers thought good of him.

When he watched elementary school students play, they just look cute.

“Good times. I’ll just enjoy the moment since you never know what’ll happen in the future of this long life.”

So he attended elementary school as he leisurely sipped on his strawberry milk.


Jess had also grew older and was now 4 years old.

He spent more and more time in Marca continent and had adapted to this reality brilliantly.

Miscellaneous knowledge and experience of the tombs was acquired during all of his family's adventures.

“I heard there lives a wizard in the rural area of Borg…”

“Not a lot of people know about him, but his ability is said to be quite outstanding.”

“There’s talk he’s unchallenged in field of Magic Study as well. Although, I have to admit that this is not a rumor to be trusted.”

Jess listened to Randall, Heresea, and Grona’s conversation about business on the side.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything for children of commoners to play with.

However, while there wasn’t any toys to play with, Jess was able to play with the water spirit that Grona summoned.

  • ‘Stop harassing me, you little human.’

  • ‘Uwha, what a jerk. A real Jerk!’

Water spirits became repugnant toward Jess who kept on bothering them.

They could not exert much power independently and they cannot disobey their summoner, so they had to endure the childs attentions.

“We also have to check the last hideout of the magician, it will probably be near his hometown. Which thankfully, is not that far from here.”

A few days later, concluding that it was rewarding enough to be looked into, the party headed toward Borg.

Jess also joined in the carriage-ridden journeys of his family. Jess could join in the journeys they travelled on a carriage.

He had no problem going with them on long journeys, because he had tagged along numerous times in dungeon exploring ever since he was a baby.

Not to mention that there had been times where he’d be on Grona’s back who would easily jump over a castle wall.

“I think there was a magic reaction around here…”

After Heresea searched all over the mountain near the magician’s home village, he eventually found the hidden entrance/dungeon that was hidden by an illusion magic.

“Now we’ll be able to finish early and return home.”

“Let’s hurry.”

They lit the torch and headed into the cave had been the wizard’s hiding place.

Most magicians usually thought the same way, and many of them usually liked underground basements or naturally-formed caves where they can freely research without being discovered.

These prefered places weren’t normally too close to towns, and were usually places that were sturdy enough to install a huge research equipment. They especially like a place that was quiet, and were more than prepared to put up with a few monsters if they hung about.

Of course, tomb raiders (like themselves) or invaders with grudge toward magicians knew this fact, and so magicians liked to hide their entrances with simple sleight of hand trick or illusion magic.

The more skilled a hunter team is, the easier they can see through such illusions and find the hidden magic research data or treasures or artifacts!

“I don’t see that many traps. I don’t see many monsters either. I’m not sure if it’s because this is a small cave though.”

“Isn’t it also possible that the magician is not as advanced as we had thought?”

“That’s not a good sign...”

“Maybe he was confident about his skills. Or, maybe he didn’t care if anyone robbed him after he'd died?”

The tomb hunters progressed slowly as they carefully observed the inside of the cave.

They did not hurry through, as they had to carefully disable any magic traps that were in place.

An accident is bound to happen when a job is hurried through.

Nowadays, Jess often felt more comfortable being in a dungeon rather than being at home eating and playing.

They would often explore underground caverns and tunnels, so he was used to bats and insects flutter and scurrying about.

When he focused, he could even read the minds of the small animals and insects, but it differed greatly depending on their intelligence.

  • ‘Quickly go. Forward. Follow.’

  • ‘Heavvvvvy...’

  • ‘Hungry. Scared.’

  • ‘Where am I? I’m lost...’

And of course there were the typical poisonous centipedes and huge rats. Their thoughts were more complex.

  • ‘I laid about 4 thousand eggs. The territory of the red ants is getting too big…’

  • ‘Is there any left over cheese crumbs? Humans are sure good at making foods.’

Jess spend away the time reading thoughts of insects and monsters as a hobby.

‘It’s a bit boring at the moment, but I guess I’ll also take part as a tomb raider later after I grow up.’

Eventually when he was old enough to do an adult mans worth of work, he won’t have the time to laze around, so he had to endure.

Sometimes, Jess wasn’t allowed follow them to the final stages of a dungeon. This was because it was too dangerous for him to be risked as often the strongest monsters  traps and were placed at the end.

He waited for them at a safe location after Laurell laid down some divine protection magic for him.

Most of the times when they were separated, his parents would return after 30 minutes.

‘They are a bit late today...’ Jess thought while chewing on a sandwich.

The sandwiches made by Laurell were pretty tasty.

‘Bacon tastes delicious~!’ Jess thought while he was leisurely defeating the sandwich!

Streams of water were pouring down from small holes in the wall where Randall, Laurell, Grona, Heresea, and Nedhandal were currently trapped in.

“Ahhh! To die in such a place...”

“I’m sorry everyone. It was a huge mistake to relax even for a moment!” said the Dwarf Nedhandal, and for a brief moment he wanted to drink beer while on a ship.

They were a skilled team of tomb robbers that normally could avoid major crisis, such as these, but now it looks like the years of robbing has finally came back to them.

Unfortunately, Heresea’s magic was still too low to do any kind of teleportation magic for the group.

Water was quickly streaming down the walls and filling up the room they were currently trapped in. Already it was coming up to Nehandal’s neck.

The Dwarf could use their short legs to swim for awhile but if the water completely flooded the room, it will be the end for everyone.

“I’m fine, but Jess… Jess! Oh my baby!”

Laurell eyes were streaming with tears as she was thinking about her Jess.

A child left alone in the tomb!

Even if one could escape the dungeon. if one doesn’t fully release the trap that has been sprung, then isn’t possible to get out.

It is possible that he could die from starvation from searching for his parents in the tomb.

“Honey! Our poor child Jess what are we going to do…”

Laurell was distraught at the thought of her precious baby boy dying from starvation while stuck in some dark dungeon looking for them.

Or when the divine protection magic finally fails, that he becomes visible to the eyes of the monsters and is then eaten alive!


Jess’s stomach was finally full from eating his mothers sandwiches.


“Yep, I acknowledge the great taste of this sandwich,” he said aloud with a lazy smile on his face.

For a little moment Jess focused in on his parents to see what was taking them so long. After a moment, their thoughts slowly flowed into his mind and he began reading them.

  • ‘Oh my baby Jess! What should I do?! I’ll be leaving you to the mercy of this dungeon!’

  • ‘So, Mr warrior Randall. This is how your life ends huh.... Because of Jess I can’t die peacefully.’

  • ‘I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. khuchk… If I survive this i’ll stop drinking beer on, this I swear on my dwarven honor!’

“This is why I need to keep a watchful eye on them.”

When his parents become worried about him, Jess paid close attention to them.

“You guys should have been more careful. How could they guys fall into such an obvious trap! You guys aren’t kids!”

Kids without parents in this world have a hard time living their life and are often exploited.

If one doesn’t have power in the Marka Continent, and they don’t have parents to protect them they are sold as slaves.

‘You guys have fallen into a quite an easy trap. Looks like I’ll have enough time to save you.’

Jess read Dwarf Nehandal thoughts and walked towards them.

Thankfully, he kept thinking about the mistake he had made in his head.

‘It should be here…’


He identified the switch hidden in between the rocks.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a hard to reach area for a child’s of his height, and it was installed at the bottom.

Jess jumped and hanged off the wooden lever and it slowly went down below.


He heard a deep booming sound when the mechanism activated and he heard as the wall opened letting out in a rush all of the water that had built up inside the sealed room.

These humans look like wet bald tailed mice who fell into a trap.

“What… Jess? How did you get here?”

Jess sighed loudly. The circumstance made it tough for him to act innocent.

  • ‘Jess! Jess! Ooh my baby boy!’

  • ‘Thank god! You have saved Rendal!’

  • ‘Kuhuuck. I’m barely alive. When I get out of this tomb i'm having my fill of beer!’


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